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As a client, we have six ways to help you achieve a worry-free retirement.


    1. Personalized Income Planning Analysis – As our client, this analysis is one of the first services you get from us. But this isn’t a one-time thing. We update your analysis every year to make sure you are on track and make any adjustments as necessary.


    1. Professional Money Management – Our clients get more than just a pie chart illustrating a diversified portfolio with a “buy and hold, hang in there” philosophy.  You will have Internet access to your account at all times, the account is titled in your name, you have the ability to see all the holdings in the account and you are always the owner of the account with professional oversight to help you navigate your financial options.


    1. Personalized IRA & Estate Retirement Autopilot Planning – Inheriting an IRA can be very tricky. Your planner helps you and your heirs easily navigate the complex and confusing IRA rules. Your plan includes protection, organization and communication on your IRA so you are confident that your heirs will know how to complete their inheritance without guess work or costly mistakes.


    1. A T.E.A.M. Approach – We believe that Together Everyone Achieves More. We want to make estate planning easy for you. As a T.E.A.M. we bring together top CPAs and Estate Planning Attorneys. You can feel confident that all of your advisors are working together for your best interest.


    1. The Ultimate Client Experience Includes
      • Security – You have access to a personalized, private and secure website.
      • Organization – All your information is organized in one, easy-to-access place along with Budgeting Tools.
      • Track Assets Against Your Goals – Make informed decisions about your finances. You meet with us on a regular basis to discuss performance and the asset allocation of your accounts. You will receive regular communications detailing our strategies and portfolio design.
      • Knowledge – Our approach is designed to keep you knowledgeable about your own financial situation and, of course, knowledge is power. Those who know what they have fare better than those who do not. The more you know about your finances, the better equipped you will be able to navigate retirement with confidence.
      • Ongoing group educational events, outings and opportunities – Money management doesn’t have to be boring and neither does life. We have ongoing learning opportunities that combine education with great group activities such as movies, ballgames and wine tastings.


  1. Peace of Mind – Live through your retirement years doing the important things. Let us do the worrying and planning so you don’t have to.

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